Discovery Parks, Rottnest Island / Wayfinding Signage.

An iconic location worth discovering.

Discovery Rottnest Island is the first new holiday accommodation in more than 30 years at one of Western Australia’s most iconic and popular tourism destinations. Built as an Eco Sustainable Resort the development consists of 83 self-contained glamping tents and a beach club with swimming pool, bars and restaurant – nestled behind the dunes of Pinky Beach, one of the most relaxed and breathtaking coastal locations in Australia.


In late 2018, Axiom Design Partners were approached by Baileys Group and Discovery Parks to design and implement a wayfinding signage system that will be sensitive to the surroundings, complement the architecture and have minimal impact on the environmental and historical fabric of the site.

Additionally the signage system needed to be easy to manufacture and transport to the island site and simple to install. Close co-ordination with the client, architect, project manager, suppliers and the Rottnest Island Authority was also paramount for a successful implementation of the wayfinding signage within a tight construction schedule and impending launch date.


After a initial Discovery phase which included site visits and numerous stakeholder meetings, Axiom developed a wayfinding strategy that would meet the client’s vision and satisfy strict Rottnest Island guidelines. The strategy defined the signage hierarchy and locations as well as conceptual designs as part of the approval process.

The final design of the signage took cues from the location, Discovery Park’s brand guidelines, as well as the materials and finishes being adopted for the architecture and infrastructure. After several design reviews, a decision to incorporate concrete, steel and millboard into the design not only allowed the signs to fit harmoniously within the site – it also meant a large part of the signs could be fabricated on-site using materials and contractors already on the island, reducing turnaround times and costs.

The full scope of the project has required the management of tendering, prototyping, fabrication, and installation. Axiom also co-ordinated with Discovery Parks’ head office in Adelaide to manage the fabrication and installation of additional identification and statutory signage.


Despite the use of seemingly heavy, raw materials of concrete and steel – the signs are elegant and subtle, working as one within the fabric of the resort and its iconic location, helping guests and holiday-makers navigate and enjoy this unique resort and its facilities.

The launch of Discovery Rottnest Island and Pinky’s Beach Club has been a resounding success – and Axiom Design Partners are proud to have played a part in that success.