ISS Facility Services / New Brand.

Deliciously balanced brand.

ISS are leaders in workplace and facility services and have around 17,000 service professionals working across all regions of Australia and New Zealand. ISS manage a range of facility services, including cleaning, food, security, technical services, grounds and support services.

Remote mine site facilities management sector is a uniquely niche space. Specialist operators deliver a highly tailored offering, essentially ‘running everything’ that isn’t the mine, so that the client can focus on their key business. It is a hyper-competitive sector and one that each operator seeks meaningful differentiation to their competitors.


ISS created the Balance Lifestyle Program (Balance) that is designed to provide a structured approach to improve the lives of mine site residents by positively influencing their health and wellbeing. It is an all-encompassing, holistic program that focuses on key lifestyle and wellness outcomes, including exercise, nutrition, social connection and mental health.

ISS already have a strong reputation and recognisable brand in this sector, so it was important to consider how the Balance brand would fit into the overall ISS brand architecture. We undertook research to understand the global ISS master brand to ensure our solution would be complementary to the parent brands ecosystem.

We worked closely with the facilities management team to craft and define the programs purpose and positioning which was to; Drive a positive and healthy on-site community culture every day. Deliver a diverse and bespoke product that genuinely improves the health, lifestyle and well-being of the people we work with.

We then articulated a clear and universally understandable brand promise that would inform the visual brand identity. Quite simply; A balanced life = a happy life.

The visual brand identity we created uses a smile as the visual hook. Everybody knows that a smile means ‘happy’. There are no language or cultural barriers, our “smiley” graphic instantly creates context to support brand messaging.


With what is essentially a behavioural change program, it is essential to not be seen as overly prescriptive or preachy. Creating an approachable, friendly and positive brand would be key to the programs success. We incorporated our ’smile’ into the Balance program brand mark (logo) and developed small use logo and a program brand stamp that can be used in messaging to build awareness. The brand platform adds further support, with an energetic colour palette and relatable and easily understandable graphic icons.

We created a robust, yet flexible brand ‘toolkit’ so that the Balance program collateral can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each mine site operator.

Though the first phase of the program has only recently deployed, it has been enthusiastically well received by both the residents and mine site owner and we are working closely with ISS to further tailor and refine the implementation.